This is a list of all the challenges from the meetings and their rewards.

Nr Meeting Challenge name Reward
1 Stan's Fez The Trial of Membership Official Membership Card
2 Stan's Secret Twin The Cipher Wheel Challenge Official 1st Decoder Disk
3 Alchemy in Gravity Falls The Tapestry Tabulation Trial Official ROotHM Tapestry/Poster
4 Bill Cipher's Wheel The Oath Augmentation Trial Official ROotHM Motto
5 Dipper's Secret First Name Mabel's Maze Challenge Greasy's Diner Placemat
6 How to Decipher a Substitution Code Second Cipher Wheel Challenge Official 2nd Decoder Disk
7 Larry Hal Larrimore and the Inspiration for Lil' Gideon Gideon Guise Challenge Gideon Fun Time Activity Book Page
8 Mystery Shack Floor Plan Revealed Deed Decipher Challenge The Deed to the Mystery Shack
9 The Mystery of Robbie V The Trial of Robbie's Riddles Robbie V and the Tombstones Poster
10 Bill Cipher and the Eye of Providence Bill Cipher's Cryptogram

Bill Cipher's Maze + Alchemy Font Cipher

11 The Mystery of Wendy Corduroy The Trial of Wendy's Word Search Giant Downloadable Word Search
12 The Timeline of Gravity Falls The Trial of the Timeline Anomalies Current Edition of the GF Timeline
13 The Mystery of Mabel Pines The Trial of Mabel's ANTI-Chore Wheel Mabel's Anti-Chore Wheel
14 The Secrets of Mabel's Guide to Life The Sticker Secret Challenge Starter Sticktionary Page
15 The Mystery of Soos The Journal Page #1 Challenge Douglas MacKrell's notes on Soos
16 The Mystery of Pacifica Northwest The Journal Page #2 Challenge Douglas MacKrell's notes on Pacifica
17 The Mystery of Gideon Gleeful The Journal Page #3 Challenge Douglas MacKrell's notes on Gideon
18 The Six Fingered Hand The Journal Page #4 Challenge Douglas MacKrell's notes on the Six Fingered Hand
19 Code Cracking 101: Caesar Cipher


Caesar Cipher "Three Letters Back" Decoder Disk


Challenge #1: Oink Oink.

Challenge #2:

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