Sock Opera
Video info
Type Regular Meeting
Meeting 41
Upload date Nov 8, 2014
Writer and Director Douglas MacKrell
Previous Update Video 10/31/14
Next The Secrets of Sock Opera




  • MacKrell teased the coming episode on tumblr with three codes.
  • The Codes on the Thumbnail are in Alchemy Font Cipher and translate to NO STRINGS CAN HOLD ME DOWN.
  • The code in the intro (WUXVW QR RQH) is in Caesar cipher and translates to TRUST NO ONE.
  • The code in the ending is 18-12 13-18-23-23 5-3-15 3 15-18-13-23-18-17-24, 2-5-3-14 15-5-3-16-8 2-18-23-23 14-5-8-25 13-8? which when decoded with the Decoder Ring cipher translated to IF BILL HAS A SIBLING, WHAT SHAPE WILL THEY BE?


  • The soundclip used in the intro is from episode three of TwinPeaks: "My dream is a code waiting to be broken. Break the code, solve the crime", said by Agent Cooper.
  • Like his analysis of the episodes "Scary-oke" and "Into the Bunker", MacKrell created two videos for "Sock Opera" to separate the story from the secrets.

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