Cryptogramm Edit

  • The ending-message is in atbash: "UFM UZXG: R zonlhg fhvw z xork uiln Qrn Svmhlm'h Wlt Xrgb zg gsv glk lu gsrh erwvl, yfg xszmtvw rg zg gsv ozhg hvxlmw yvxzfhv Wrhmvb'h yvvm uozttrmt erwvlh ozgvob, zmw R gsrmp gsvb ldm gsv irtsgh!" It translates to: "FUN FACT: I almost used a clip from Jim Henson's Dog City at the top of this video, but changed it at the last second because Disney's been flagging videos lately, and I think they own the rights!"

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